Batten Roll

The batten roll is one of most traditional roofing systems and is popular on traditional buildings such as churches and listed buildings where it can offer a great alternative to lead, where theft continues to be an issue. The capping can be supplied as either a loose or welted cap and is traditionally installed using Copper, Zinc or Stainless Steel, although other metals could be fabricated in this system.

We are also able to fabricate a round loose cap which gives an appearance likened to that of traditional timber roll leadwork when installed using weathered zinc or stainless steel.

Due to the highly skilled detailing requirements, it is recommended this system is installed by fully trained and competent installers only.

Maximum length:

Continuous rolled and restricted by manufacturer recommendations

Maximum Width:

up to 600mm dependant on material and client’s design


Timber batten (square, trapezoidal or rolled ex 50mm)


Fully support timber deck

System type:

Fully weathered system