Interlocking Panels

Interlocking panels give an excellent slender appearance to any façade or soffit area. Our Zinc Interlocking panel system has been CWCT tested to meet NHBC standards which can be helpful on projects where there is a standard testing requirement, or alternatively functioning as a fantastic selling point providing quality assurance to your client.

The system can be used both horizontally and vertically and is generally fixed back to a metal or timber framework. In addition to offering a high-quality appearance, Interlocking Panels offer a cost-effective solution when compared to similar façade systems.

The panels are continuously rolled and can be formed in a range of metals including Zinc, Copper, Aluminium and Coated Steel.

Maximum length:


Maximum panel face width:

280-400mm dependant on material and client’s design

Reveal Joint width:

0–20mm as required


Metal or Timber framing/support system

System Type:

Rainscreen Façade

Sheet thickness

0.9-1.2mm as standard